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The Witching Hour

Published date: 19 Oct 2018 12:04

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As the leaves begin to fall and darkness creeps into our days, it’s time to join the Bella Mia coven and let your darkest and most wicked style urges possess you. Channel your inner enchantress with these looks inspired by the realm of the of darkness, mystery and power.

For the modern woman of darkness, these strikingly sultry pieces pierce the veil of gothic chic for a look that is unapologetically powerful and menacing.

These precious pieces are hand-picked for the woman who reigns supreme. The classic design gives an antique feel with vintage lace border and statement stone centres.


Gaze upon the luminous beauty of these trinkets, inspired by the mysterious art of astrology. Flaunt these delicate moon charms or your stars sign for a personalised touch.


Harness the power of the earth through its flawless metals and gemstones. Carry amethyst for stress blocking and an increase in spiritual awareness. Or tiger eye gems can help centre and focus the mind and aid decision making and productive action.


Which witchy delight will you be grabbing to re-vamp your look for spooky season? Don’t forget to grab a treat for your ghoul-friends.

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