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Our 2018 Style Resolutions

Published date: 05 Jan 2018 16:29

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Resolutions don't have to be about giving up things that you love. When it comes to style, committing to some new resolutions can help freshen your look. Here are our 2018 Style Resolutions.

Susanna says 'My style resolution for 2018 is to finally buy a watch - after not wearing one for over a year! I want the Rosefield West Village Gift Set in Elephant Grey.  The watch strap has 3 colour band detailing so I won't be limited to what colour of jewellery I can wear and the grey is perfect as will match most outfits.  Even better it comes with minimal silver bangle which looks amazing when styled together.'


Erin says ' My 2018 style resolution is to focus more on my accessories for work! It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut but just a few finishing touches can make you look a little more polished. I love Muru’s range of pretty studs which are easy to wear and just add a little something to your outfit. So they’re definitely on my shopping list. 

It’s definitely a bit random but I want to learn how to do Modern Calligraphy, I loved Art & Design at school and I really miss having a creative outlet outside of work. Hopefully, by the end of 2018, I’ll be Instagram worthy!

Annie says 'My 2018 style resolution is to wear more rings! I love the look of stacking rings but I constantly fiddle with them when I wear them so they never sit quite the way I want them or imagined they would in my head, so I tend to just not wear any.  This new year I'm going to invest in some of the gorgeous already stacked rings from Darcey, that way I have the illusion of 3 stacked rings that are positioned perfectly all day long!'



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