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New Arrival: Liyrah Jewellery

Published date: 16 Jul 2019 15:33


Liyrah focuses on simple but striking pieces that complement your unique style with modern designs and luxurious details.

We are simply exploding with excitement as we introduce the brand new Liyrah Jewellery to Bella Mia. This brand is hot off the press and offers the most beautifully simplistic pieces that are made to add a touch of elevated luxury to your everyday looks. They focus completely on yellow gold and the quality of their jewellery reflects this dedication.

The name Liyrah derives from the constellation of a musical Lyre, an ancient instrument of individual expression and creativity. These pieces will become individual tokens to carry the essence you need in your everyday life, whether it is the properties of their stones or meanings in their designs.

Natural Stones

We love to carry little intentions within our jewellery and these stones all represent their own meanings and areas to cherish and improve in your life. Choosing a stone to draw strength from can give you the conscious awareness you need to make small changes in your life and reach your goals. Each of Liyrah’s stones are cut to a different shape and design to look completely unique to your needs and style.

Names with Meaning

Every detail of Liyrah jewellery is deliberate and meaningful. These names were chosen to show appreciation to the many qualities and powers of women. These are the perfect gift to show gratitude to those who deserve it most, or to help inspire these qualities in yourself.

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