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Introducing: The NEW Zohara Port Collection

Published date: 05 Sep 2019 13:12


It's our favourite time of the year; unveiling the newest Zohara bag collection! These stunning leather handbags are inspired by the beauty of Northern Irish landscapes, and their latest location inspiration comes from some of our North coast’s best-known resort towns.

The Port Collection encompasses all the nostalgia and fond memories of the towns of Portrush, Portstewart & Portballintrae. And with flawless bag designs named after the iconic landmarks of these areas, this collection has us reminiscing of times spent by the sea with our loved ones; sun or no sun.

The Port Collection’s Colour Story

The colour story for the full collection is like a work of art. You can see the colour palette of the sand dunes, and rushes of the beaches in the salt of the earth tones of beige, forest green and tan. And the rich, deep berry reds are a nod to the warmth and comfort of these enduring seaside towns.



The Ports' landscapes cling to the rich greens of Ireland right to their shores, where the grass meets the soft taupes of the sand. A gradient of sandy tones leads you towards the ocean as soft beige turns to taupe and tan to meet the waters of the Atlantic.


Zohara’s colour palette mirrors the transformation of the evening sky as the sun sets on the ocean. Pewter greys give way to deeper navy and black as striking reds bleed into burgundy as the day ends lazily over the Atlantic horizon.

Meet the bags


There are 12 new styles of bags and small leather goods in this collection, and we love to see some of our ride or die styles return in more colours from The Core Collection. We’re going to focus on the delectable new styles exclusive to The Port Collection, with design features that makes these bags both stylish and practical for everyday use.

Zohara’s range is the perfect opportunity to shop local and add some luxury to your life with a quality real leather handbag that is finished to the highest standards. Unlike other handbags, these can hold a place in your heart that is close to home. They make a great memento for loved ones who have moved away, or anyone who has simply loved visiting the infamous North coast.

Check out the full collection now >





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