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International Women's Day - Supporting NI Women

Published date: 07 Mar 2019 10:19


International women’s day calls for a celebration and appreciation of woman’s achievements every 8th of March, and in Northern Ireland we have plenty to celebrate. Our women can be seen standing up without fear of standing out, embracing themselves for who they are and showing their passion for whatever makes them happy.

Bella Mia Boutique was built on and is maintained by the passions, determination and hard work of our founders and staff. And these passions are continuously inspired and refreshed by some of our team’s favourite influencers. Our tribute to these women aims to build up those whose shared love of fashion, jewellery and self-empowerment sparks our imaginations and inspires us to stay at the top of our game.

These are just a few of the those who inspire us across all areas of life, and each in their own individual way. And we love to see these ladies succeed in what they love to do, so have a nosy and 

support women who support women!

Brides to be, perk up your ears! Not only do we have a full-time scientist and part time blogger, Emma is a bride to be with her fingers on the pulse of all things wedding planning in NI. When she’s not checking out spa hotels that will give you venue envy, she is putting a spotlight on quirky and alternative products that you’ll wish you heard of sooner. We love her personal style and if you’re a prints person, Emma has the flawless knack for pairing the perfect print with classic pieces, complete with understated jewellery that is to die for.

Cliona is a ray of sunshine on our Instagram feeds. This mama of two inspires us to stay true to our individual style with her iconic vintage edge, and we just melt when her outfits match her girls! With a shared love in bee accessories, Cliona has opened our eyes to the fact that personalised jewellery isn’t all about names and initials, it’s is about what embodies our personalities and our outlook on life too.

Alison is our go-to for lessons in self-care and loving ourselves. Her Instagram is covered in charming little corners of calm as well as beauty and skin care products that are ideal for the little pick me up moments that we all need from time to time. She has been a welcome guest at our in-store summer showcases and we love to see her rocking and restyling her stunning Zohara handbag.

Queen of creative content, Sian is a student of Queens University Belfast who is representing young NI influencers on both Instagram and on her YouTube channel that is simply a dream for anyone who is guilty of wanderlust. We love to see her discover the hidden gems of Northern Ireland and following her through the streets on her latest getaway. Her on trend style choices inspires us to stay ahead of the curve and always be on the lookout for the next must-have piece.

Let’s talk about this real life ladyboss. Like many of our inspirations Tracey juggles life as a mum, wife and full-time teacher while somehow still finding time to inspire our new wardrobe choices. The charming glimpses into her family life keep us smiling and reminds us to slow down and take time to value both our home life as well as allowing ourselves to take some me time, to look our best and feel like ourselves too.

Liz is the last word on using your money wisely whether it’s cosmetics, beauty boxes or skin care, and you can even find a few cheeky money saving links on some of her favourite brands on her blog. For accessory goals, look no further than Liz’s beautiful bag collection, including some of our favourite Zohara handbags from our instore Summer showcase events. This woman knows how to style her accessories perfectly to add an effortless edge of luxury or flash of colour to her outfits that we will definitely be recreating this spring/summer.

We adore Sera’s passion for supporting local boutiques and business. We share her values and interest in finding hidden gems close to home that can give our style some added individuality with pieces that will have your friends asking where you got them! And if you’re in need of a touch of sparkle on your feed Sera is the woman for you, showing she has both talent and taste as she sports the ring collection of our dreams while flaunting her stunning nail art.

Now check out these fabulous women and their little corners of creativity, advice and inspiration. 

We are certain that you will love them as much as we do! 



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