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Bella Mia's New Years Resolutions 2019

Published date: 08 Jan 2019 10:19


No, we’re not making a mad dash to sign up to 25 gym classes or buying up a lifetime supply of veg. 2019 is about slowing down and making space for MORE in your life, not setting restricting goals that have you scheduled to within an inch of your sanity. Take some steps to take care of you in the new year, whatever that means to you. It’s all about unplugging, prioritising and doing more of what makes you happiest.

Our team are sharing their 2019 resolutions and what is important to them for some intention inspiration.

 “My 2019 intention is to start to Journal. I bought so many gorgeous notebooks last year that I’ve never written in because I don’t want to ruin them and I just didn’t make time to do it, but I’m determined to start this year and I’m going to have a list of things to write about each day, even if it’s just a few words.”

 “My 2019 intention is to be more creative. I spend a lot of my time planning and thinking of how to do a certain project rather than just getting stuck in. I would like to tick a few projects of my ever growing Pinterest board.”

“My 2019 intention is to get in more walks and explore more of the Northern Irish Coastal Scenery. I love Zohara and the story of the brand but this year I will make time to explore the landscapes that inspired them.”

 “My 2019 intention is to try and relax a little more and get outdoors and off my phone. Its very easy to get caught up in the constant hustle and bustle of the social media world especially when its your job but I need to learn how to unwind and relax a little, Northern Ireland is the most beautiful place to relax and unwind.”




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