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Create your own emozioni pendant

Interested in starting your Emozioni collection? Read our handy "How to" guide to see how easy it is to put together your own unique pendant. 

To complete your first pendant you will need three components - a coin, a keeper and a chain. You can then build upon your collection by adding more coins so you can change up the style of your pendant in seconds. Emozioni coins come in lots of different designs, check out our latest arrivals here. Mix and match coin keepers and chains to give a truly unique look, have a look at the different finishes we currently stock here. Chains also come in various lengths so you pick where your pendant sits. 

*There are two different sizes of corresponding Emozioni coins and keepers; 25mm and 33mm. A 25mm coin and coin keeper are shown below in our "How to" guide just for reference. Want the pendant shown below? Shop the coin keeper here, the Balance & Harmony coin here and the chain here

Step 1

Grab your coin keeper first. Using the indentation at the top of the coin keeper gently push with your thumb to open up the coin keeper.

Step 2

To insert the coin without damaging the keeper or coin itself make sure the keeper is fully extended and parallel to your table.

Step 3

Now insert your coin into your keeper, design forward into the front face of your pendant.

Step 4

Gently close your coin keeper to make sure your coin is secure.

Step 5

Open the clasp of your chain and thread it through the loop at the the top of your coin keeper. When the chain is threaded through the loop your coin will be fully secure as the keeper is unable to open.

Step 6

And that's it! Your pendant is ready to be worn. Remember you can always change up the look of your jewellery by changing one of the components, which only takes seconds to do. Your pendant can be customised and made to any outfit, day or night.