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Dazzle Drops Silver

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Dazzle Drops Silver
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Just brush, dip and dazzle! Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Silver Jewellery Cleaner helps to clean, polish and protect your silver jewellery from tarnish build-up. A convenient, easy way to clean silver pieces with no harsh smells or mess. Contains a easy to use dipping scopp and an easy-grip cleansing brush specialised to clean all silver surfaces, including sterling silver, silver-plate and silver with gemstones.

How to use:

  1. Place a small amount of Silver Cleaner on jewellery.
  2. Brush jewellery until the tarnish is removed. Reapply if necessary. The bristles will not scratch the jewellery.
  3. Fill rinsing container 3/4 full of warm water. Place silver jewellery in dipping scoop and rinse in container.
  4. Dispose of dirty water and store scoop, brush and Jewellery Cleaning solution in the vented rinsing container.

Note: Use Connoisseurs silver polishing cloth or jewellery wipes to give your jewellery some extra shine.


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