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Are you excited? You should be! We'd love to spill the beans on what our Black Friday Event discounts will be this year but we can't just yet, our lips are sealed for the time being. I know we're mean but how about we give you some insider tips for shopping with us on Black Friday?

1. Be at the front of the queue 

Our email subscribers are always the first to know about anything we do here at Bella Mia Boutique headquarters, and our plans for our Black Friday event will be no different. You can subscribe here, plus you'll be kept up to date with all of our current offers and discounts as well (we do great promotions through out the rest of the year too, not just on Black Friday!). 

2. Beat the rush 

If you're based near any of our boutiques in Northern Ireland (you can view their locations here) you can simply click & collect which helps avoid huge discount hungry crowds and missing your delivery! Win, win in our opinion. 

3. Set the alarm 

We've bad news! The best time to shop was between 2am - 5am over the full Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend last year when the website is the quietest, so unless your a night owl you'll need to give up a little bit of shut eye to make sure you get the items you want first.

4. Be Efficient 

Already know what you want to purchase? Add it to your Wish List (by selecting the little love heart next to the product) and you'll have all your favorites in one place ready to go. 

Remember your "Exclusive" reward points can be earned (as along as your signed into your Bella Mia account of course) no matter if the product you purchase is discounted or a part of a promotion. Earning while you save...sign us up!

Want to get a great deal right now? Head over to our Offers page and Outlet Page! And if you need inspiration, then check out our Instagram, Facebook and blog